My new and – hopefully – improved blog

image1 - Copy (9)Well hello there! Some readers may know that I had a blog previously which I didn’t get to work on too often due to things such as work, life and house selling getting in the way. Well those three things are still there (the house selling is the most frustrating of them all) but I’ve decided that I really need to get off my not insubstantial behind and do some writing. It’s something I really like doing and it’s cheaper than therapy so I really need to crack on with it. I don’t necessarily want to be ‘Blogger of the Year’ although it’s a nice feeling if someone enjoys your posts and makes a positive comment.

To start off, I’ll set out how I think my blog will look. Firstly, it’s going to be a very simple layout as I’m using the free bit of WordPress because I’m not a very technical person. My previous blog was set up by a chap who did a great job but required paying for his services! As I wasn’t finding the time to post regularly I thought it wasn’t cost effective to keep paying a monthly fee so that’s why now it’s just WordPress and me, finding our way together.

Secondly, although this will be mostly a food blog I will occasionally write about other things that I like. There are definitely things I like apart from food ………. Really, there are ……… So you may see things like book reviews (OK usually recipe books), reports on my visits to cake shows or foodie events, product or ingredients reviews (I have posted reviews and recipes for Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icing sugars and have received samples of Wrights Flours and Cake Mixes and posted about them previously). In the future, I hope to develop relationships with other suppliers who want to get their products ‘out there’. And I should say that I’m a very fair reviewer – even if I get products for free – because it helps nobody if feedback isn’t true. I always make an effort to review tea shops, cafes and restaurants that I’ve eaten in because good places should be praised and the poorer ones need to be given reasons to improve. I admire anyone who sets up his / her own cake or food business. It’s hard work and you have to be dedicated. I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter or Facebook that I now call my friends transform from being good home bakers into foodie world ‘celebrities’ and I like to publicise their efforts whenever I can.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tracy and I live in Wallington, Surrey, but we are hoping to move to Norfolk once we’ve sold our house. Which may not be in this lifetime the way it’s going. I work in HR for a local College, and I live with my husband Andrew and a cocker spaniel called Millie who we rescued from a puppy farm. My son is 29 and my daughter is nearly 26. They both have partners and flew the nest quite a while ago. They return occasionally for a roast dinner and cake. My love of baking and sweet treats has led to a teensy weensy weight problem (well, a big one really) and so I’m currently on a healthy eating regime and have lost over 2 stone since March 2015. My weight loss journey will feature from time to time on my blog but please shoot me if I become a diet bore.

The current logo for The Little Pink Kitchen will be changing in a couple of months as although I like it, I want one to reflect that this blog will not just be about cakes and bakes but also about savoury things including main meals and all sorts of other foods that I like. For example,  I’m currently enjoying simple, healthy Japanese recipes using the Itsu cookbook (almost every day) and the dishes I’ve been preparing are definitely helping me to win the battle of the bulge.

And if you were wondering how I happened to choose the name for my blog (and the small cake business I have as an occasional sideline), look at the photo that accompanies this post. Yes, my kitchen really is pink and it’s also quite small. I really didn’t have to think too hard about that, did I?

That’s all for now. I’ll be back as soon as I can with a new post. I hope you will enjoy my new blog.

Tracy x

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